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How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Photo Booth Files

Photo Booth is an Apple provided application that allows Mac users to capture video clips and photo snapshots using the built-in iSight camera or a webcam. The software also permits these files to e-mail, import in iPhoto, add as contacts’ photos, and use as iChat icons. Its unique feature is that it can add various special effects to these photos.

With such a wide variety of features, Photo Booth is now-a-days a widely accepted application among Mac OS X users. Picture and videos captured by Picture Booth worth memories and professional aspects. As easily as those picture are captured by Picture Booth, they can also be deleted in an instant, which creates odds for accidental file deletion. There have been several practical instances, in which the user has deleted the Picture Booth files accidentally. However, you cannot restore these file unless you use a backup or run a Mac Photo Recovery utility.

To comprehend better, consider you use Picture Booth to capture a one-time party photos and videos. You view a picture and accidentally click the small ‘x’ button that appears at the bottom of thumbnail. Or you delete few of the photos from the original location, believing that they won’t be deleted from Picture Booth. Also, you empty the Trash. These are typical examples of accidental deletion related to Picture Booth.


If you haven’t restarted the application or system, you can search at the following location to for the lost photos:


This solution is applicable when you have deleted the photo using the ‘x’ button. In other cases and while failure of the above solution, you need to restore the lost photos or videos from a backup. But if no backup is available, you are suggested to use a Deleted Photo Recovery utility.

The specific Mac Photo Recovery tools are designed to run exclusive algorithms that can scan and then recover the lost digital files from any media. Also, these applications are easy to install and safe to run. The photo recovery software can rescue deleted digital files that have not been overwritten.