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The Sex Life of Julius Gaius Caesar and Powerful Libido Enhancers From History

All too often the great writing of the past has been overlooked and under-studied. As many of the great works have not been accurately translated, we here present for you some findings from the writings of Suetonius, (Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus),who in his ‘Lives of the Caesars’ revealed a great amount of information that we might find in today’s gossip columns. We learn of his preferences for certain sexual positions and also his diet for keeping his libido strong…

Cesar in Rome

Many people think of Caesar as only the great general and military leader. However, he leaned all he knew of the army while being out on campaigns.

In Rome he was from the noble families and lived a life of leisure, sport, and an on-going pursuit of philosophy. Part of everyday life was to go to the baths for conversation, relaxation, food and drink, and more often than not sex.

To the noble Roman, sex with his wife would be to have children, no more. All other sexual activities would be with slaves or educated prostitutes.

We learn from Suetonius that Caesar was fond of long private sessions of sex in the heated room (a sort of Roman sauna). There we learned he would order young girls to perform fellacio (a sexual practice frowned upon in Roman custom) and a great position they called “the way of the cat”.

Sex performed “In the Way of the Cat”

One can imagine the hot room, strong scents of herbs and the smell of pine logs burning to create the heat for the bath house. There would be Caesar, cloaked only in a simple cloth, and a girl or slave brought to him in the room.

He would sit on the marble slab table that made up the center piece of every Roman Hot Room, and the girl would, on her knees, perform a long and slow fellacio. Then, at the correct moment, the girl stands, turns her back to Cesar, and slowly sits down upon his member. As she does this, and fully penetrated, she bends over, putting her head lower to her knees. The man is very passive in this position and the woman is expected to do all the movement. The movement is a very fast staccato rising and falling on the man’s member. It is almost mechanical. The climax is profound and usually simultaneous for each partner.

Caesar on Campaign

We learn that Cesar was very concentrated and focused during his military careers. His days were full of study of the great military commanders from the past (including Alexander), and the rigors of exercise and training. Still there was time for some sexual exploits. Suetonius implies that Cesar would take a slave girl (or one captured from the areas that the army had invaded) and had her brought to his tent. There he would take her in the manner of the Roman Stallion.

Manner of the Roman Stallion

We can imagine we are in the great general’s tent. There are some solid, yet simple Roman chairs, and Caesar would position the girl to hold a chair’s arms from front, and to put her knees on the chair’s seat. Her legs would be slightly open, and exposing her whole vagina and anal area to the approaching Cesar.

He would take her from behind, standing over her, and thrust with great passion, while the girl was holding on to the chair arms. The great Caesar would be holding the girl by the waist and pulling her towards him with each thrust. Then, before the final moment, he would tell the girl to straighten her back, so she was kneeling on the chair instead of crouching, and at this position, he would terminate in a bout of mixed exhaustion and ecstasy.

Such was a few of the insights gained from the biographer of the first and most illustrious Caesar.

Up until his death, his libido and unquenchable sexual appetite was legendary and he was perhaps one of the first to incorporate powerful natural libido enhancers from the East in his diet.

He eat a healthy diet ( the traditional Greek Diet ) and Buddhist monks visited the Roman empire and he received many gifts and some of them were, known libido enhancers we are familiar with, like Ginseng and Horny Goat Weed – but also the lesser known but equally potent, Schizandra Berry and Cnidium.

Schizandra Berry, Cistanche Bark and Cnidium act as sexual tonics and today, there sold as new to the West but Caesar valued there potency thousands of years ago and his sexual prowess is a testament to there power.