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Placement Rules and Design Ideas to Monogram a Bath Towel

Sharing your bath towel may not be a good idea since it increases your chances of acquiring any contagious disease which another person is suffering from. Monogrammed towels are ideal for personal use in big households, at such places there is an ample possibility that your towel gets mixed up with that of others. Moreover, it would be a good idea to gift a monogrammed bath towel to the newly wed couple.

To order your monogrammed bath towel you can contact a departmental store which provides this service or you can even order it online. If you are a skilled embroiderer you can monogram bath towels all by yourself. Following information regarding the design and positioning of a monogram on your towel would make your work a lot easier.

  • For a standard bath towel the height of the letters of the monogram should be large i.e., around 3″ to 4″. If your bath towel is without a side band then the monogram is usually placed 4″ above the hem. On the contrary, if your towel is banded it would be perfect to place the monogram 2″ above the band.
  • Monogram is usually applied 2″ above the hem on your hand towel if it is not banded and if your hand towel is banded place the monogram 1.5″ above the band. Alphabet size for this monogram should not be more than 2″ in height.
  • Use small alphabet size of around 1″ to 1.5″ in height while getting a wash cloth monogrammed. In the case of a banded wash cloth apply the monogram 1″ above the band and if the wash cloth does not bear a band place it 1.5 inch above the hem.
  • If you are planning to gift monogrammed bathing towel to a married couple who share the same last name, go for a three lettered monogram. This three lettered monogram can have the husband’s initial on the left, the wife’s initial on the right and first letter of the common last name in the middle. This is the conventional placement but if you want you can also swap the positioning of husband’s and wife’s initials, which is also all right.
  • If you want to gift monogrammed towel to a newly wed couple get them monogrammed as “His” and “Hers”.
  • People who don’t have a middle name generally opt for a two letter monogram bearing the initials with first initial on the left and second on the right. It is imperative to have both the letters of the same size.
  • Monogram for a person having a middle name with apostrophe usually consists of three letters; the height of the middle letter is kept a little more than the other two side letter. Or else you can also choose to place the middle letter on the right side.
  • Kid’s bathing towels are generally monogrammed with their first name or nick name.
  • It would be a good idea to get bath towels monogrammed with the word “Guest” for towels you want to keep exclusively for your guests.